The Craigwiel Adult Day Programs serve the northern part of Middlesex County

The Craigwiel Adult Day Programs serve the northern part of Middlesex County. This area includes the municipalities of North Middlesex, Middlesex Centre, Lucan-Biddulph, Strathroy as well as the Komoka-Kilworth area.

The Adult Day programs consist of the Alzheimer’s and Special Needs Program on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday and the integrated program runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The program runs from 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM. To access these services, contact the South West Local Health Integration Network by calling 1-800-811-5146

Hair Care

A hairdressing shop is located within the nursing home. Appointments are not always required for the hairdresser, but encouraged. Day Program staff can help book an appointment.

Foot Care

We offer a variety of foot treatments, both for those with mobility difficulties, and for those who just want to feel pampered!

Our footcare is offered by 2 of our Registered staff. An assessment is performed on client’s initial visit.

Footcare includes; cleansing of feet, nail cutting, reduction of dry skin & callouses and corn removal. This leaves the feel relaxed, energized, clean, deodorized and the client looking forward to their next appointment.

Sonic Baths

A sonic bath provides ultrasound vibrations. Ultrasound means very high frequency sounds, higher than can be detected by the human ear. It is often used in medicine, physiotherapy, and beauty treatments.

The ultrasound frequencies can be set to remove cellulite, reduce stress, tone muscles, reduce inflammation, or increase energy and cell metabolism.


Here at the Adult Day Program, we think birthdays are a big deal. A monthly birthday party is planned to recognize and celebrate the lives of all our very special clients.


Our caring volunteers help with activities and events, as well as assisting with individual personal needs on a case-by-care basis. The one-on-one efforts of these wonderful people help create a special atmosphere, which enriches the lives of our clients.

Become a volunteer and improve life

Our volunteers are committed to improving care at the person-to-person level.