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Building a New Craigholme

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Building a new Craigholme

We know that our community has been patiently waiting for this good news. We are ready to rebuild and renovate Craigholme!

The new Craigholme will be bright, welcoming and more spacious overall, featuring private and semi-private rooms as well as enhanced dining and common areas.

There will be secure courtyards, places to gather with friends and family, and a beautiful chapel for worship and prayer.

Let’s reimagine long-term care in our community.

Our Mission

Since 1967, Craigwiel Gardens is independently owned by Craigwiel Corporation, governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. It is a NOT FOR PROFIT, CHARITABLE organization.

We are committed to providing quality care and services that enrich the lives of individuals, both those receiving and offering care.

We are not owned by another entity; nor do we fall under regulations imposed upon us by any other long-term care entity. This means the Board of Directors has the autonomy and fiduciary responsibility to make decisions governed by relevant legislation, while having regard to the needs of our residents and service users.

Founded by the Nairn Mennonite Church to demonstrate Christian values in action, Craigwiel Gardens welcomes and embraces all faiths. As a faith based organization, we respect the dignity and value of all people in accordance with their individual needs and diverse perspectives.

Craigwiel Gardens is an umbrella (not-for-profit) organization that offers four service options, each addressing a particular level of care:

  • Long-Term Care (Craigholme)
  • Independent Living Apartments
  • Adult Day Centre (community support programs)
  • Respite and Short-Term Stay

The New Craigholme will feature:


Bed Home


Private Beds


Semi-private Beds


New Chapel ✚
Common Welcome Area

After extensive consultation, we determined that it is not possible to simply renovate Craigholme to comply with Ontario Ministry standards.

While we will be able to repurpose some of the existing space, the long term care section cannot be reused due to its age. While compassionate care does not rely on bricks and mortar alone, the physical environment of a fully modernized Craigholme will significantly enhance quality of life, comfort and safety for every resident.

Craigholme has the heart, the training and the skills to care for and support a wide range of resident care needs, but our facility’s outdated infrastructure poses a challenge.

  • Craigholme must be upgraded if we are to continue to offer the best possible long-term care to our residents.
  • Craigholme must also comply with the provincial government’s latest standards for
    long-term care homes by 2025.

Failing to meet these, Craigholme may not get a licence to operate. WE MUST REBUILD.

As we are the largest employer in North Middlesex, the redevelopment of Craigholme is a major community project within North Middlesex and Middlesex County, providing employment opportunities both during and after construction.

Currently Craigholme employs 130 dedicated individuals entrusted to care for our residents.

Our Committee

Meet our Committee of dedicated members leading the build of our New Criagholme.

Bev & Barb Shipley

Honourary Chairs

Jackie Wells


Irene Howarth

Committee Member

Malcolm Ross

Project Manager

Shannon Churchill

Campaign Coordinator

Jan & John Bender

Capital Campaign Committe Members

The CEO of Craigwiel Gardens is a member of the Capital Campaign Committee as Ex-officio.

Frequently Asked Questions

Craigwiel Gardens is an umbrella (not-for-profit) organization that offers four service options,
each addressing a particular level of care:
• Long Term Care (Craigholme)
• Independent Living Apartments
• Adult Day Centre (community support programs)
• Respite and Short-Term Stay

Project Updates & Events

Below are the latest updates of our
Capital Craigholme project

Yes! We're building a new Craigholme.

For detailed information on the new facilities, view the 'New Craigholme Brochure' below.
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Thank you to our Supporters

Thanks to all our supporters. It is because of you that Craigholme can grow its roots.

Capital Campaign Timeline



The licence to operate our existing 83-bed home was renewed by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) for a 35-year term and approval granted for our rebuild.



An application was made for an additional none (9) beds to accommodate residents with special needs, such as dementia.



The Ministry approved our application for the nine additional beds.



With the architectural plans drawn up, we are ready to build!